Warning Lights….

Thanks for joining me at the well today, let’s drink some living water in!

This morning I started out the activities I had planned on, and you know…that doesn’t always go as planned. I needed to run into town and gather a few things, I got into the car and the key was left on, it cranked over and no lights were on, so I left for town. Prior to getting to my destination, I see the dash is lit up with lights, everything from one side of the instrument panel to the other. As I have a million things running through my mind in this moment, among them is what in the world is happening to this vehicle. I knew the battery needed replaced and had not yet got to that, and now every warning light in the car is on! Isn’t this how our lives are at times? We ignore the warning and hazard lights ahead? We think there is time, I will get to it shortly… and that shortly turns into hours, days, weeks. I suppose one could look at the warning lights God gives us in life like this, we somehow feel like it doesn’t apply to us, or we have it under control. I could list a hundred scriptures here and give examples of things I do to ignore the warning lights…I will be honest, among them is loosing my temper quickly at the car today. Why, well…. I was in the drive through attempting to get my first meal of the day, it was afternoon already. So I didn’t take care of myself very well today. Another, I was lazy and did not get a battery when I knew this one was going bad long before now. This is just a small example of how neglect of our bodies and the “things” God has given us to work with can lead us into trouble. We need to get our daily dose of the word of God everyday, We need to take care of ourselves before we set out to do other things. If we are not strong and healthy how can we complete even the smallest tasks without falling easily into temptation or have it fail because we didn’t do the necessary work to make it work like it is supposed to. We are vulnurable when we are weak, physically, mentally or emotionally. I could not complete my tasks today for several reasons, I did not take care of my car… By the time I got the car home, it was too late in the day to get the tasks done I had planned. They will get pushed to another day. I got up late and did not fill my spiritual tank with the word of God. The moral of my story today, pay attention to the warning signs!! These come in a myriad of ways. God will speak to you. We have to fine tune our ear to listen to his guidance. If we pass on this we find our selves broke down like the car. Neglected and unable to do what it was designed to do because it did not get the regular maintenance it needed.

Whether it is your body, your car, your mind, in everything, be alert, and pay attention to what the Lord is calling you to do. It may not seem that significant at the time, but if will come in handy when you need that little task like buying a battery to have already been done! I did get my steps in today but that’s not the point! We need to walk in obedience in the little things if we want to have the big things!

” If you are faithful in the little things, you will be faithful in the large ones. But if you are dishonest in the little things, you won’t be honest with the greater responsibilities. ” Luke 16:10 NLT

Convicting words from Jesus in the gospel of Luke, praying my testimony today helps you see the truth in His word .

May God bless you today! Be safe and I will see you at the well later!


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