What do you think of when someone asks you if you pray? Maybe specific moments you have prayed flood your thoughts, maybe you feel like I do, and have a tinge of guilt over what prayer time has looked like. 

I look back at where my prayer life started, you know, the rountine “fire Insurance” kind of prayers as a kid. Lord, if I die before I wake kind of prayer. Maybe it was the kind of prayer that you were scared into, thus the ” Fire Insurance” save me and forgive me prayers. These were some of my first pryaers too. I found that over time, as I read more of the bible and lietrally got to know God better through his word, the prayers began to change as well. I gained confidence in knowing the one I was praying to. I know that God is not some unreachable entitity that seemes too far away for me to talk to or have a relationship with. That he was acatually my loving Father, my friend. A personal God, that cared so much for me that he sent Jesus to die for me. (John 3:16) A God who through Jesus restored a relationship with me, who knew me before I even was born.

So with all of that said, when do you pray? When things get really bad? There were certainly times that the only time I prayed were when things went wrong. Do you pray when things are great! Yes , I do but not as often as I should for sure.

What are your thoughts on 1 Thes 5:17 when Paul tells us to pray without ceasing? What comes to mind? When I was a younger Christian, this felt like one of those things in the bible that was impossible to understand. I mean how in the world could one pray without ceasing and live life at all. Right!? The other thought that came to mind was, I don’t know what to say or how to pray. I am not a girl who has fancy words or knows prayers by heart. What if I mess it up?

As I began to look into scripture and pray and ask God for some understanding on this verse and the whole prayer thing in general. He began to show me that being in relationship with him is similar to my other relationships. If I were to only talk with someone every once in a while, and I did all the talking, then that is just a one way friendship and not a very good one. A conversation takes two things: talking and listening to each other. If I take another step and talk with God and only listen a litttle or only every once in a while then that doesn’t show much confiedence in God or my relationship with him. So I started to see that prayer is talking to God, just like I would a friend. This is how I pray. I just talk to God. He knows me, he doesn’t expect perfection. He knows i’m not perfect. The even better news is, he knows my heart. So he knows I just want to talk to him, to tell him my hurts, fears, and give him my thanks for what he has blessed me with. He does not require fancy at all. You can be real with God!

It was when I was really down to the end of myself that I discovered, If I really want a personal relationship with God through Jesus then I have to put time into this relationship. Not just use God as my personal wish granter. God loves us too much for us to not see the value in what he did for us on the cross. He wants to talk with us, just as He did in the Garden with Adam and Eve before the fall. He wants us to tell him all our highs and lows, all our dreams and sorrows. No matter how big or small. He wants to hear it all. He wants to be more to us than a fairy Godmother.

So this brings us back to prayer without ceasing… I look at something that does not cease to be something that remains constant…it keeps going. So I take this to mean, keep talking to him, keep the dialog open. The verse after says pray about everyhing. That’s what God wants, for us to talk to him. If you haven’t give it a try. God wants to hear from you, no matter how bad or how good the thing is you want to talk to him about. He will listen and love you.

Thanks for joining me at the well today, God bless you and I will catch you at the well later.


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