Hello again, welcome to the well today; I am so happy you stopped by for a visit. Sit down with me and let’s drink from the Lord’s word today. 

I wanted to talk a little bit about rules today. I know, this is not a fun topic but we have rules everywhere, why? I think of driving, we have rules of the road, speed limits, no passing zones, stop and go lights. We have guard rails to protect us from steep drops, and sharp corners. We have rules in sports, football, baseball, volleyball. We have equipment to protect us and a court/field laid before us in which we can play the game. We have spaces that are considered out of bounds, even in driving we have places that say wrong way, do not enter. We have bridges that take us over rough water and steep gorges. We have so many things guiding our every day that we don’t think much about, we just do the things we are supposed to. If we choose not to we have consequences to not staying in the safety of the rules. In sports, it’s a penalty that sets us back or turns the ball over to the other team. On the road the penalty can be harsh; a fine or ticket for not driving the speed limit or disobeying a signal. Worse yet and accident that can have dire consequences. 

God gives us rules to abide by in His word, these are for guidance to help us find safe passage through life and its many challenges. The things that God asks us to do and not do are not to take the fun out of life, it’s actually the opposite. By following his rules, he offers us the best of everything. Satan wants us to think that rules are made to be broken and that they are in place to limit our freedom. When we dig into God’s word we see that this is simply not true. There are a slew of examples throughout Scripture that show us the cause and effect of not staying in the safety of the rules.

Let’s go back to the bridge, we use bridges every day. Think about the bridge as how God gives us safe passage over and through what would be impassable or that would entangle, delay and distract us from where God has for us to go. 

 On a recent trip to North Carolina I drove through tunnels that were carved through the sides of mountains. Without this passage cut through the mountain, I would not be able to take the route I was taking. I would have had to take a route far out and away from my destination. It was safe passage through a literal mountain! This tunnel allowed me to drive through this massive mountain without the trouble of scaling it, or hiking over it. I sat in my truck and drove through it and marveled at God’s glory. As I continued to drive I went over many bridges that connected two far away land masses, beneath the bridges were beautiful water ways, some had glorious landscapes of trees and wetlands. I drove up and down and all-around mountain landscapes that allowed me to see the beautiful design God created in this part of the land. You see, God has boundaries and passage ways woven into his plan for us. If we abide in His word we get to see the glory of all he has for us. If we fail to adhere to the set boundaries, we end up in the wilderness of setbacks, impassable obstacles, a place with rushing water that delays his plans for us and can even sweep us far away from what God wanted and had for us. I saw the most beautiful things and was able to hike to breathtaking views. Yes, some of the paths were narrow and took a while to see what I was walking toward but staying on the path provided safety and I got to see the beauty in all the things God had for me on this trip! The same is true in life, if we abide in the safety of his ways we will see the glory he has for us in our lives. We will not be hindered by the snares and traps that lay in wait just off the path God has for set before us.

Stay safe and in God’s word loved ones, you are precious to our Abba Father and he wants nothing but the best for his children! 

“Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take” Proverbs 3:6 NLT

See you soon back here at the well. 


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