Hello and welcome back to the well, I am so glad you stopped in today! 

Have you ever been hurt by some one? Have you struggled with forgiving that person for the pain that they caused you? I realize we can all most likely answer yes to these two questions. So, let’s talk about forgiveness today. 

Have you ever been hiking and you reach a plateau? A place where you can rest and see where you are in relation to where you want to be or maybe where you are going? A place where you have level footing and can feel steady. I believe that our gracious and merciful God allows us to heal just like this, in plateau’s.  As part of the natural healing process comes forgiveness. Certainly, similar to healing, it does not happen all at once. It comes gradually with time, space and understanding. Wisdom has to come from something wiser than our own feelings about the circumstance that hurt us, from some place outside of the venue of the events reach. God has the ultimate view of everything, he sees it all and he tells us to not lean on our own understanding and to trust in him, and he alone will make our path straight. With that said, I can relate to what your next thought may be, yeah right, easier said than done! Well, yes, it is, and God certainly understands this, that is where time comes in. We have to allow ourselves to feel the hurt, and process it, stay in scripture and see and learn what the bible says about the pain you are feeling.  There is a wealth of resources available to us all, the bible tells us specifically to seek wise and Godly counsel. His word offers us comfort and truth, His Holy Spirit is here to speak directly into our hearts and minds the truth of God’s word. The truth about our feelings and this sometimes is done with the help of a counselor. I know to some, this seems to sound so simple and yet impossible to do. I have been there, there have been times when the only thing I could do was read a verse of the day. Maybe a short devotional reading. My prayers felt like they were going into thin air. I had to wait and continue in obedience in seeking the truth about what I was feeling, and then ask God to help me forgive the one who hurt me. This is not a simple or easy thing to do. I have also sought help sorting things out from a Christian counselor, and am much better for asking for help outside of my own perspective!

Like hiking to the summit of a mountain, it takes time. It’s not done in one day. You have base camps on plateaus. As you reach these plateaus look at them of places to gather yourself, to rest and regain strength in God’s word. I believe He allows us these breaks in the process. These breaks again allow us perspective, and the ability to see a broader view of where and what we are facing. On this path there are signs to guide you, there are others on the same path. You have a map. You have all of these things and more in God your father. He has given us his Holy Spirit to guide us and to heal us, to show us his path. In addition, we have His map in his very word! 

He has also given us community in which to hike this trail with. This can be your church family, someone in your work, and as in my case the help of a counselor. He has given us wisdom from his word and his Holy Spirit, He has never intended for us to walk alone. We have to decide to lace up our boots, and stick to the path! Like, I said before, it takes time… I have personally been on path and realized instead of being done with the process, I was sitting on one of the plateaus I spoke of, a place where I had level footing, I could see where I was, how far I had come with the Lord’s help. Most importantly, where I needed to go to continue on the path of forgiveness and healing. I was able to see a much better picture of the circumstance. Time had passed, I had begun to heal little by little, I had grown in strength and wisdom in the Lord. I had rested, and had time to pray and process my pain. Again, this is not a sprint, it is okay to take your time. 

I want to encourage you, DO NOT GOVE UP! Keep walking on the path, you are not alone! God is with you, and there are many who if you reach out and let them know what path you are on, they will come in and hike right beside you! I pray this message encourages you and inspires you to keep going and to know that you are not alone! 

Your Sister in Christ, 


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