Hello everyone, welcome back to the well. I am so happy you joined me today. It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the temps are dropping and bring on the craziest time of year…the Holidays are just around the corner. 

How do you find time to be still, there is so much going on in the world around us. So many activities and people needing you to volunteer or help out with a function or two. It is nearly impossible to find a few minutes to be in the word, let alone be still and hear from the Lord. 

I find I have to be intentional about my prayer and bible study times. I have to set time with God and make it a priority and guard that precious time against everything that gobbles up my attention. I find grabbing my coffee and bible in the morning before anyone wakes up is the best time for me, however there are days with my illness I am not able to do that. So, it may be brunch with Jesus instead of our morning coffee. We have to make this time intentional and recharge and refuel ourselves just like we do our car. 

It has been a stressful year for our family, without time set aside for prayer and meditating on God’s word and really listening and being still… I have to tell you, it would have been impossible to get through. I gain so much from my quiet time with Jesus. I have learned to pray about a whole lot more. To take time to read more. A lot of times it’s an article or short devotional. It’s a must for me, I need this boost of God’s word to get me through the day somedays! Also some days it’s a whole lot more coffee too!! 

It is difficult for me to shut off everything and leave things for others to do. I have an even harder time shutting off my brain to listen! First, I have to leave my phone, watch, and computer on the desk and grab only my bible, a pen and my journal. If I take even one of those technological time stealers with me, I’m a goner and will fail my attempt to be still or listen. I know it is hard to disconnect from the world and we are not talking months or even days here. Maybe your distractions are different and I know having young ones and giving care to parents also takes up a ton of time. Sometimes it’s just a few moments we have, take that time to pray, read a verse, a quick devotional or listen to your favorite Christian podcast, or sermon while you are working if you can. I try to come up with new things to keep it from being routine, so it stays fresh in my mind. I encourage you to be creative and find what works for you. 

Today’s message is simple, be intentional about your relationship with the Lord today. Start a new habit and take time to be still with him. He is waiting to hear from you. This time will be rewarded, the more time you spend with him, the more peace and clarity you will get. This is the most important relationship you have. Make time for him today. 

May your quiet time be filled with the Holy Spirit and may you gain the Wisdom of God’s word that you most need to hear!

Thanks for stopping in today, I will see you next time at the well! 



  1. I so love your writing Beth. It’s like you’re sitting right here next to me. God has blessed you with this special gift and I’m so glad He did. May God bless you and your family mightily.. I love you.

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