Pray with me today!!

Hello Everyone, I am writing with a heavy heart today, I am asking that today you please join me in prayer. Wherever we look, the news, social media, our community… there is an urgent need for prayer! In our local community, there has been so much loss in the last week alone. We need to pray for those who are mourning, who are sick, who are suffering. My heart is heavy with a burden to pray, please join me. 

Father God, we come to you with a heavy heart, with hurting hearts. Lord you know the losses in our community, in our own lives. You know the pain of those who are suffering from illness, diseases with no cure. You know the ones, who have lost jobs that are desperately needed. Lord you see the ones who need you but who are so afraid to ask, or don’t know how to ask for help. Father, we ask that your blessing be on those who are mourning, and who are sick. Those who are just broken by illness that cannot be seen by others. Father, those who are losing homes to floods, to fires, to natural disasters. Lord be with those who so desperately need you. 

Father open our eyes to those who are close to us that need our help, show us how to help, how to pray, how to reach them for you. Father open our eyes to the world and its groaning, Lord we have become so used to fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and so many other natural disasters that we are just not seeing your word coming to fruition. Father, raise up your children in this desperate hour, give us wisdom, give us the strength mentally, physically and spiritually for the work before us. Father calm the hearts of your faithful, hush our fighting among one another, cool the anger that burns within us, unite us once again under your Son Jesus Christ! Let us unify as one body and Christ Jesus as the head! Give us wisdom against Satan’s scheme that divides us from within! Father we pray for your eyes to see one another as you see us, to view each life as sacred, valuable and created by you! Father, we pray for peaceful resolutions to the conflicts that devide us, to the arguments that are so out of hand. We pray for your Holy Spirit to cover the earth, and our communities. We pray for ears to hear one another in truth and love and to respect one another as our brothers and sisters. To be able to love one another even if we do not agree or feel the same way. Father the world needs your truth and to know love again. 

Father I pray for our nation, our leaders, our government in every level. Father we cry and plead with you, please guide them, fill them with your Holy Spirit Lord. Give them clear minds and steady hearts to lead with. Father, the world is literally on fire with hate, and rage for its fellow man. Please Father, raise leaders who can unite and not divide. Change hearts, calm fears and give all wisdom to listen and understand. Lord we need you, our entire world needs you! 

We thank you for the privilege and grace you give us to come to you, to know you, to cast our burdens and fears to you. Father guide us and heal us from the state we are all in. We give you the glory Father God! 

In Jesus name we pray, 


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